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My VA Home Loan
Home Mortgages for Residents of the Commonwealth of Virginia

My VA Home Loan: Home: Refinance: Payoff Citifinancial Mortgage or Citi Home Equity

Want to refinance your mortgage with Citifinancial? 
Citifinancial Mortgage buys mortgage loans from various lenders in the United States. Citifinancial also originates its own first and second mortgage loans and is a wholesale lender. Even if your Virginia home loan wasn’t originally with Citifinancial Mortgage or Citifinancial Home Equity, it might be now.
Many Citifinancial customers in Virginia have come to LFS Home Loans to refinance their Citifinancial loan and start fresh with a new lender.  If one or more of the following statements applies to you, call LFS Home Loans at 866-812-4826 for help.
  • My payments are too high.
  • My interest rate is too high.
  • My payments are late.
  • My account is in forebearance.
  • Citifinancial won’t accept my payments.
  • They are threatening foreclosure.

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